tracking your order

We'll send you a shipping confirmation email when your order has been dispatched. It'll have the title: mahabis // shipping confirmation for order (your order ID) so you can search this in your inbox if you need to track down the email. 

You can also track your order through 'My account', simply login to your mahabis account here and select the order you are attempting to track from your order history list. Once on the order, select 'track shipment' to track your order progress. 

We'll send you a link to be able to track your mahabis in the email. If this isn't working for you, take the tracking reference from the email or link and click below to check on your delivery progress.

If you can't find your tracking reference, you can also track your order with your Order ID and your email address.


If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email or have any other concerns, please send our support team an email and we'll be happy to help. 



if your tracking isn't updating or the delivery is late

Especially during the festive season, many postal carriers are overwhelmed with parcels so your delivery can take a little longer than expected. 

However, if you're worried that something has gone wrong or the parcel has been lost, send our team a message with your concerns and we'll contact the delivery carrier to investigate for you.


We're also aware that some orders to the EU may experience a delay at the border when the package is being processed through customs. While we have done our best to work these potential delays into our delivery estimates, please note that we can't do anything to speed up this process, but we're always happy to check on your parcel for you if you have any concerns.